Friday, December 10, 2010

Un Tour de Versailles

I actually slept through the night last night! HUZZAH!! First time that's happened since we arrived! The jet lag and time difference haven't had much of an effect on me (minus the day we got here) except for sleeping business. It's been kind of weird, but hopefully I'm adjusted now.

So today we journeyed to Versailles! It was cloudy, yet again, so the pictures weren't quite as pretty. If you're not taking pictures of a subject against the sky, then cloudy is actually better for colors, but when you're looking up at a building, the gray background isn't very attractive. Oh well.

So Versailles was HUGE!!! Holy crow, I had no idea it was that big! I can't even come close to imagining living there. You could live there your whole lie and never see the whole thing! Good gravy....But the rooms were really cool, especially the Hall of Mirrors! Gorgeous!! So we did the audio tour through there and it was great, and then we headed back home. Apparently, taking the stairs to the first level of the Eiffel Tower yesterday made our legs pretty tired and sore so we didn't last long walking around today.

So since nothing especially hilarious happened today, I will now go into a topic that totally befuddles me about Paris and Parisians.... Snow.

Now, my impression is that Paris gets snow a lot during the winter. Now maybe that isn't accurate, but it's freezing here so it makes sense in my head. So it snowed fairly heavily on Wednesday, probably around 2-3 inches. So that's a fair amount of snow right? So it would be logical to get out the snow shovel or pull out the snow plow and get at it..Well apparently not. There wasn't a single plow or shovel to be seen. Street vendors and shop owners were out with brooms and squeegees trying to get 3 inches of snow cleared from the front of their store. Hmm...good luck with that. And the streets were a total slush mess, SO GLAD we didn't rent a car and try to get our way through THAT nightmare...geez. Even when some of it melted and then froze again on the sidewalk, creating an uneven ice rink that was just a lawsuit waiting to happen, they still did nothing! At one point, I was trying to cross over a huge watery slush puddle between the curb and the ground level and I slipped and almost did the full splits. Fortunately, I saved myself, or that would have been painful and not nearly as hilarious after wards. I felt so bad for the little old ladies and men trying to hobble around, but there were too many of them to try and help them ALL cross the street...

So yesterday when we were at the Eiffel Tower, I DID see one, single, lone snow shovel. But how was it being used? The guy had turned it over, so that the scoop was now perpendicular to the ground, and he was pushing it around like a broom, or hitting the ground with it to break the ice!!! But was he clearing the broken ice/slush he had just created?? HO HO NO! He just wanted to break it up and leave it there, I guess so we poor pedestrians could have some semblance of traction. Ridiculous.

Someone needs to come help these poor people...

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