Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I really love my tattoo. I got it spring of my sophomore year, making it almost two years old now! Sometimes I forget it's there, seeing as its pretty small and hides under my watch band for most of my days. However, when it pokes out or I take my watch of, I feel like I'm rediscovering it and it makes me happy.

Some may ask, Why did you get that? Why faith? Well, I will then tell you that the idea of faith means alot to me. Obviously, I am a religion nerd. This we all know, and hopefully love. But, it's deeper than that. Faith is a uniting factor for the entire world. Even if you are an atheist, your faith that there isn't a God is still faith. In my opinion anyway. Also I love the diversity and unity in the word. Faith is so many different things to so many people. It looks different, sounds different, and feels different to millions of believers or non-believers around the world. But, at the same time the underlying theme is still the same. I think that's so cool.

Ok, now the reason that I don't tell alot of people that will answer the question, But why did you feel the need to tattoo that on yourself? The answer: I felt like it. I thought it looked cool and I wanted a "rebellious" moment in my life. I'm pretty cookie cutter most of the time, and I needed a bad-ass thing about myself. Now you may ask, Katie. You do realize the word "faith" isn't exactly a hard core piece of barbed wire wrapped around your bicep, nor a harley davidson with skulls scattering your back. How could you think of "faith" as bad ass?

Because I'm still me. I'm not actually bad ass nor scary. I'm a geeky religion major, volleyball playing student at a christian college. A faith tattoo is about as "rebellious" as I get. I am a person of logic and common sense (most of the time) and I couldn't let myself go and get something crazy when I could potentially have children, grandchildren, and employers who would see it someday.

I have thought about getting more. And if I was going to be this age forever I probably would. I've thought about getting Love written on my other wrist, or something symbolizing sisterhood or Kohahna maybe somewhere on my foot. But all these things, while I still want them, will probably never make their way onto my body. Simply because I know that eventually I will grow up and don't want to be the crazy old lady or mom with all the tattoos. I'll leave that to someone else more bad ass than me.

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